Office of the Registrar

Green Space Usage Policy

The University greens are a valuable natural resource. It is intended that they be enjoyed by all, in addition to being a show place and forum.

Scheduled events/activities must be in keeping with community standards of decorum. In addition, use of the greens can neither result in damage to the greens nor should there be undue disruption of the normal course of University life. Please keep in mind that the greens are living and, as such, we work to distribute events over the University's many green spaces to avoid overuse of any one space; effort is made to limit the use of the main historical greens -- Simmons Quad, the College Green (commonly referred to as the Main Green), and the Front green -- to those events requiring their use.

  • Length of reservation: Usual reservation time is 1 day for an event and 1 to 3 days for exhibits/displays; large exhibits are limited to 2 days. No events involving encampments on main historical greens or residential quadrangles will be permitted.
  • Green requests during University Events: Requests during major University event programs (Orientation, Family Weekend, ADOCH, Commencement, etc.) must be approved as part of that program.
  • Spaces that may not be reserved: Except during a major University event program, the center of the Front and College Greens, except for the area immediately under the trees in front of Sayles Hall, are for general/informal use only. Exceptions may be granted if a tent is required [i.e. the center of the College Green between the trees in front of Sayles and University Hall and the center of the Front green between University Hall and the Van Winkle Gates cannot be reserved].
  • Sponsorship requirements: The activity or event must be sponsored by a University department or recognized student organization. Commerical activity or vending is not permitted. Please be sure passers-by can identify the sponsoring group either by having event organizers present or indicating the sponsorship on a banner or other material.
  • Respect for neighbors and surrounding activities: Activities may not disrupt other scheduled events (inside or outside the buildings), including classes. Sound and crowd noise should be kept at the minimum level required for the activity at all times. All requests are reviewed for potential impact on other activities and the neighborhood. City ordinance and University quiet hours restrict the scheduling of outdoor events after 11:59 PM Sunday through Thursday and 1:00 AM on the weekends.
  • Weekday daytime sound/noise considerations: On weekdays, no amplified sound or high levels of noise are permitted during the day on the College or Front Greens until classes have concluded in the surrounding buildings. Amplified sound may be requested on other greens during the day on weekdays from 12-12:50 PM; however, if any complaints are received, the sound must be immediately turned off. As no classroom or administrative offices are located on Wriston Quad, reasonable noise levels, including amplified sound, may be requested at any time.
  • Clean-up and vehicle access: Traffic, including emergency vehicle access, may not be impeded. No damage may be done to the trees, grass, or sprinkler systems. Clean-up must be assured and complete.
  • Limits of reservations: Once your reservation is confirmed, no other reservation for a formal event will be made for the same green space area without your approval; however, your reservation does not guarantee that there will not be informal activities in the area. If you are reserving a popular space (like the College Green) and the weather is nice, you may have to contend with significant levels of ambient noise. Please plan accordingly. Public Safety can certainly assist you if any informal activities are creating a significant disruption to your event.
  • Adherence to these and other university policies: The University has guidelines for Political Activities and for Protests and Demonstrations. If you are making a request for use of a green space for a purpose that could be, in any way, construed as a Political Activity or a Protest or Demonstration, you must review these policies and confirm that your event will conform with these policies.
  • Approval of requests: Requests for usage of University Green Spaces require several approvals. We cannot guarantee that requests received less than 7 days in advance will be processed in time. Approval does NOT include any equipment or set-up; these must be arranged separately with Facilities Event Support (401-863-7820).