Office of the Registrar

Annual Fall & Spring Performances

With over 60 student performance groups looking to showcase their work during both the Fall and Spring semesters, several activity-specific spaces have been identified and reserved for this purpose in advance.

Due to time constraints and resource allocation considerations, a few site-specific guiding principles have been set in place in order to accommodate annual shows.

Shows in Alumnae Auditorium

Alumnae Auditorium houses special lighting and sound equipment and is the only performance space on campus that also has a stage draperies, backstage area, dressing rooms, thrust, and installable dance floor. The equipment is managed by the student-run Alumnae Hall Advisory Board (AHAB) and its student Technical Advisors. In collaboration with the Student Activities Office (SAO) and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), AHAB coordinates training for groups using the space.

Because of the uniqueness of Alumnae Auditorium and the finite number of performance dates available, only a limited number of groups can be scheduled in this space each semester. Currently, the schedule is determined by a combination of the University annual event calendar (events that have occurred for at least 5 years in a row) and first come, first served requests.  For each performance date, every group is offered equitable tech rehearsal time during the preceding week which may differ depending on the type of performance.

All student group performance dates must meet the SAO’s scheduling policy, which does not permit performances during any University Breaks including Thanksgiving Recess, Spring Recess and Spring Weekend. All of the final exam period is also off limits for performances.

Shows in Salomon DeCiccio Auditorium, List 120 or MacMillan 117

Due to the high volume of demand for lectures, University events, and performances in these spaces, groups may be restricted to one tech rehearsal night and one show night.  It is highly recommended that you reserve both your tech rehearsal and show date at the same time. Additional rehearsals are scheduled around other requests and are not guaranteed.