Office of the Registrar

For Alumni

As the custodian for all credit-bearing academic records, the Registrar provides various resources and support for alumni.

Academic Records

English translations of the Undergraduate, Graduate and Medical Diplomas are available for download.
The Brown University Official Academic Transcript contains all essential academic data, including dates of attendance, courses taken and passed, grades, transfer credits awarded, degree received and relevant remarks.
After graduation, University policy is that all records held by the University must be maintained as they were at the time the degree was conferred.

Scheduling Events

The University Scheduling Office, within the Office of the Registrar, is responsible for scheduling all credit-bearing courses, as well as non-academic events, meetings, practices, lectures, and conferences.
There are many things to consider before booking space for your event: Who is coming? What space would be most appropriate for your event? Are there other annual events happening that same day that might conflict such as Commencement, Finals, etc.?