Office of the Registrar

Event Scheduling Policies

There are many things to consider before booking space for your event: Who is coming? What space would be most appropriate for your event? Are there other annual events happening that same day that might conflict such as Commencement, Finals, etc.?

Call our office first so that we can assist you with choosing the right location, avoiding conflicts with other University events, etc.

The majority of event spaces are scheduled by University Scheduling. Other offices are responsible for scheduling some other spaces at Brown that you may want to consider. Again, we can assist you in choosing those spaces even though we may not reserve them.

Please Keep the Following in Mind

  • There are restrictions on advanced reservation of large spaces (100+) during certain weeks in the academic year when evening midterms generally occur.
  • Reserving the room only gets you the room. The next step is to contact the appropriate event services, such as Media Services, Catering, Event Support, etc.
  • Brown credit-bearing courses and related components (exams, etc.) take precedence over other University events and conferences. Exceptions to this policy are rare and must be requested through the University Scheduling Office before booking your space.
  • Having potential dates and times in mind when you look for space is very helpful, but do not solidify a date or start advertising until you receive confirmation from our office that the space is available!
  • Instead of asking for a specific space, consider searching for space by room features or capacity. You might be surprised to find a new room you've never been in!
  • Please cancel your reservation where appropriate! Space is limited, so please free up space when you no longer need it.
  • Be sure you know what the standard set-up is. If you stop by to look at the room, don't assume the set-up you see is the one that is always there. Please try to estimate the amount of setup time you will need and indicate it as pre-event or post-event time on your space request.
  • Many University spaces are only available for use during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8:30am-5pm (8am-4pm in summer). 25live notes these spaces by showing open/close hours by room. If the room you would prefer to use appears unavailable when you search, it may be because your event is after hours or on a weekend or holiday.
  • Be respectful. If your organization hosts an event and the room is damaged, you are accountable for the damage.
  • If you are having an outdoor event, you'll need to identify a rain location or a rain date. Before your space reservation is confirmed, it will also have to be approved by our University Greens committee. You may be asked to provide additional information to aid in this approval.

Scheduling Non-Brown Events

We require that your meeting, event, lecture, etc must be affiliated with and sponsored by a recognized Brown student group or department. Non-Brown groups seeking to use University space need to work with University Event and Conference Services, which will help coordinate the fees, contracts, and other insurance requirements of the event.

University Event and Conference Services

Policy outlining requirements for non-Brown events

Additional Policy Information

In order to facilitate academic programming outside of Brown’s actual course offerings as well as to showcase Brown classroom facilities for such events as well as to provide ample time for external marketing for sponsors, the Office of the Provost has approved the following procedures effective with the Spring semester of 2019 for spaces that have a capacity over 100 seats during weekdays.
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Availability of space will obviously impact your ability to plan an event. Having potential dates in mind when you look for space is very helpful, but do not solidify a date until you are sure that space is available.
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The University greens are a valuable natural resource. It is intended that they be enjoyed by all, in addition to being a show place and forum.
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With over 60 student performance groups looking to showcase their work during both the Fall and Spring semesters, several activity-specific spaces have been identified and reserved for this purpose in advance.
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In support of Brown University’s primary academic mission, events occurring during Reading Period and Final Examination Period are restricted.
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