Office of the Registrar

Additional Transcript Information

Additional transcript resources that are available include a legend for transcripts, expedited delivery, information for graduating students and e-Transcripts.

Academic Transcript Legend

Unofficial Academic Transcript

Brown University does not provide unofficial academic transcripts.  Current and former degree candidates have access to the Internal Academic Record available in Banner Web for this purpose.

Expedited Delivery

Order your transcript using the online (currently enrolled or former with electronic log in credentials or all other students) request method to ensure the quickest processing time. Also, you can always make your request online and select the FedEx delivery option at your expense. While this does not decrease the processing time to produce the transcript it will dramatically reduce the time it will take for delivery and can provide tracking information. In addition, for students who enrolled from Fall 1983 - present you can select the electronic PDF delivery option online and that will result in a more expedited delivery option assuming that your recipient will accept electronic transcripts.

No Rush Service

Transcript requests are processed in the order received and are subject to peak processing periods. However, ordering online (currently enrolled or former with electronic log in credentials or all other students) will ensure the most expeditious method of processing your request. 

Graduating Students

If you are graduating in Spring and would like your degree awarded reflected on your transcript, please submit your order after Memorial Day.


An e-Transcript is a digitally signed PDF sent on behalf of Brown University through the National Student Clearinghouse's secure server. Once the order is processed two e-mails are sent to the recipient; one with the link to retrieve the document and one with a password to open the document. Unretrieved e-transcripts will expire 30 days after they are processed if not opened by the recipient. Effective April 26, 2016 once opened the document itself does not expire.

That is something that you need to check with the recipient about prior to ordering. In addition, if they do accept, make sure you get their e-mail address exactly as it needs to be entered in the on-line system.

You will receive a separate e-mail notification informing you that the transcript has been retrieved by the recipient.

It's possible but not advisable. Since electronic transcripts are PDF files it is possible to attach them to online applications. We caution you in doing this because of the additional security (digital signature). We recommend you first check with the recipient before ordering an electronic transcript for job or scholarship applications to make sure it's safe to send. If you do attach an electronic transcript to an application make sure the recipient saves the username/password combination - it is required each time the transcript is accessed.

Steps to Open an Electronic Transcript

Important: For orders placed prior to June 27, 2016, you and/or your recipient must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or Professional and Adobe Flash installed before attempting to open a Brown University electronic transcript.  All electronic orders placed on or after June 27, 2016 will use the ePortfolio view and Adobe Flash is not required.

Note: Mac users should use Firefox to open not Safari if  order is prior to June 27, 2016

  1. Open the "Transcript Link" email sent from the National Student Clearinghouse. In this email, notice the link to view the transcript and also the username below (required in later steps).
  2. Click on the link contained in the email. When the page displays, enter the email address where the notification messages were sent and the password contained in the "Transcript Password" email sent from the National Student Clearinghouse. It is our recommendation that you cut/paste the password from the email to ensure there is not a typo.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Enter the username and password provided to gain access to the electronic transcript. Enter the username originally sent in the "Transcript Link" email message (username begins with TO, not T0 ). The password is the password originally sent in the "Transcript Password" email. Again, we encourage you to copy/paste the username and password to reduce the risk of errors.
  5. The transcript will now be displayed. You may print as many copies as you need but it cannot be saved offline and sent as an attachment.