Office of the Registrar

Replacement Diplomas

Brown University does not provide for duplicate printed copies of diplomas.

Brown University does not provide for duplicate printed copies of diplomas (for spring 2015 graduates forward, we do offer Certified electronic Diplomas via CeCredential).

Ordering Instructions

However, a replacement diploma may be ordered via our vendor, Paradigm, in situations where the original diploma has been lost or damaged and/or in cases where there has been a documented legal name change since the diploma was awarded (*see notes below regarding Legal Name Changes). 

Once the order with Paradigm is placed along with payment (Note: you will not be charged until the order is actually released), all requests must then be accompanied by written notarization, signed by the person to whom the record belongs, and notarized by a Notary Public (or equivalent official in foreign country who may attest to identity of requestor) to validate the authenticity of the requestor on the Request Form below.


Because the notarization process and mailing takes time, and because submitted replacement orders can be held pending for a maximum of 25 days, please secure your notarization before or simultaneous to placing your online order and providing payment, and then mail the notarized form to:

Brown University
Office of the Registrar
Box K, attn: replacement diplomas
Providence, RI 02912

Notarization form for replacement diploma

Outstanding Financial Obligations

Note: Replacement requests will not be processed until certain outstanding financial obligations to the University are satisfied. 

Visit the Bursar for More Information


The cost for ordering a replacement diploma is $100.00 and is paid via PayPal when the order is placed.


Replacement diplomas will be reissued in the format currently used (this may be different from the original in both size and design) and will bear the signatures of the current University President and Secretary of the Corporation. 

Please allow at minimum of 45 days for replacement diploma to actually arrive from the date the request is received to process. Requestors will be notified via email from our vendor Paradigm when the order has been received, released and again when the diploma has been shipped.


Replacement Diplomas DO NOT include a diploma cover. Diploma covers are only provided when the original diploma is distributed in the year of graduation.


The name on the replacement diploma will be identical to the name that was listed in the Official Brown University Commencement Bulletin in the year the degree was received EXCEPT in case of legal name changes (see below).

Legal Name Changes

  • Diploma name changes post-award are ONLY allowed when notarized copies of documented official/legal proof are provided with notarized request form (Court Order; Updated Visa/Passport/Social Security Card; Divorce Decree/Marriage License).
  • Documentation should be mailed together with notarization form for the replacement
  • Also note well that except in cases of documented gender transition ONLY the replacement diploma will be reissued with the revised legal name, the academic transcript, all student records and 3rd party degree verifications are fulfilled using the name while last enrolled at Brown.


Brown offers Certified Electronic Diplomas and Certificates (CeDiploma/CeCertificate) via CeCredential. CeCredential is only available for May 2015 graduates and forward at this time.

Additional Diploma Information

The Office of the Registrar can notarize a copy of your diploma at no additional charge. Those graduates requesting diplomas for employment/educational purposes overseas may need to investigate what authentication may be required by the country where the diploma will be presented.
English translations of the Undergraduate, Graduate and Medical Diplomas are available for download.