Office of the Registrar

RISD Cross-Registration

All undergraduate, graduate, and medical students of Brown University may elect certain courses at the Rhode Island School of Design.

As a result of a cooperative arrangement, students of Brown University may elect certain courses at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). RISD students may also elect certain courses at Brown. (Note: Brown-RISD Dual Degree students do not need to cross-register as their Brown record automatically reflects RISD academic credit). Registration at either school is on a space-available basis and is subject to permission of the course instructor and the host-school’s Registrar.

For the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Steps for Brown Students to register for a RISD course

  1. Access RISD’s catalog of courses Use the advanced search to search by ‘term’ (ie: Fall 2023). The modality of the course is listed, as well as instructor email. Brown students may cross register at RISD in fall, winter, and/or spring.  Brown students may cross-register at RISD for any modality course (in-person, hybrid, or online) as long as the instructor so approves. Select ‘View Available Sections’ to see days/times/location/available seats. Instructor contact information can be found by clicking into the ‘Section Details’ (the course title hyperlink).

  2. The Brown student indicates interest by contacting the RISD instructor via email.

  3. The Brown student fills out RISD’s electronic cross-registration formNOTE: the electronic add form will not be available until RISD’s first day of classes for the semester and will close on the last day of the RISD add/drop period. Brown students may authenticate into the form using Google (using email).

  4. Once the form is submitted, the form will be routed electronically through the permission process.  Once all approvals have been secured, the RISD Registrar’s Office will work with the Brown Registrar’s Office to get the student registered for the course.

  5. Additional important information:

    • For Fall 2023: The fall semester begins on 9/6/23. RISD’s Add/Drop period runs from September 6 – September 13. Cross-registration will not be available after September 13.
    • For Wintersession 2024: Wintersession begins on 1/4/24. RISD’s Add/Drop period runs from January 04 – January 11. Cross-registration will not be available after January 11. 
    • For Spring 2024: The spring semester begins on 2/15/24. RISD’s Add/Drop period runs from February 15 – February 22. Cross-registration will not be available after February 22.
    • Brown seniors in their final semester are discouraged from cross-registering in spring. RISD’s spring semester ends after Brown’s and grades are not due until after Brown’s Commencement ceremony. As a result, this may delay your graduation from Brown.
    • Brown Graduate Students: If you are a graduate student seeking to cross-register at RISD, you will also require permission from the Brown Graduate School. Please submit a petition in UFunds.
    • In rare exceptions, Brown students are able to cross-register for an Independent Study Project (ISP) with full-time RISD faculty only. Any Brown student planning an ISP should email for further instruction. ISPs are not available via the electronic cross-registration form. Include in the email the RISD faculty member that you wish to register for an ISP with.
    • Brown students are not allowed to register for RISD courses that conflict with the Brown courses that they are formally registered for in CAB. The student must choose between the two courses. If they do not make a choice, the Brown Registrar's Office will drop the student from the RISD course, and will ensure that RISD drops the student as well.  

Steps for RISD Students to register for a Brown course

Cross-registration for RISD students to register at Brown begins on the first day of Brown’s semester and must be completed by the end of Brown’s Add/Drop period or RISD’s Add/Drop period (whichever is earlier). Forms will no longer be available after the deadline.

  • For Fall 2023: The Brown fall semester begins on September 6, 2023.  RISD’s Add/Drop period ends September 13. Cross-registration at Brown will not be available after September 13.
  • For Spring 2024: The Brown spring semester begins on January 24, 2024 and their Add/Drop period ends February 6, 2024 (before RISD’s spring semester). Cross-registration at Brown will not be available after February 6. 
  1. RISD student uses Courses@Brown ( to find the Brown course they wish to take. Note, although RISD students are generally expected to take courses in person, RISD students may take 100% online courses online. 

  2. RISD student completes RISD’s Prior Approval for Brown University Credit (FORM NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FIRST DAY OF BROWN’s SEMESTER) electronic form to receive pre-approval from the RISD Division Dean or Department Dean, as appropriate, to secure permission to take the Brown course for RISD credit.

  3. Once approved by RISD, the RISD student will receive detailed information from the Brown Registrar’s Office about next steps. This may take a few days.  The email will detail the process for establishing Brown electronic credentials and registering.  Once Brown services are established, the student may log into and request an override via the Courses@Brown registration system.  Once the override is granted, the student will be able to formally register for the course. 

  4. Brown and RISD will be doing daily reconciliation of course registrations.  If a RISD student is not registered by the end of the add/drop period, their Brown student record will be deactivated and they will no longer have access to their Brown services or the course material.  If a RISD student registered for a Brown course other than that for which approval was granted by RISD, the student will be dropped from that course.