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In most undergraduate and graduate level courses a student may, in consultation with the advisor, elect to be graded on a basis of either A,B,C/No Credit or Satisfactory/No Credit.

Grading System

In most undergraduate and graduate level courses a student may, in consultation with the advisor, elect to be graded on a basis of either A,B,C/No Credit or Satisfactory/No Credit. All courses, except in cases of Mandatory S/NC courses default to A,B, C/NC upon initial registration.

A student must, for every such course taken, indicate by the end of the fourth week of the semester which basis for grading is elected. If a student fails to specify a grade option for such courses, he or she will be enrolled in the course to be graded on the ABC/No Credit basis.

A tentative grade is given at the end of the first semester in year courses; at the end of the second semester, examinations in such courses cover the work of the two semesters; and a final grade for both is assigned at that time.

No Credit is given when courses are not satisfactorily completed. Neither the notation No Credit nor the description of the course in which it is given are entered on the Official Academic Transcript.

In exceptional circumstances and with the instructor's consent, a course may be left incomplete (except for a regularly scheduled final examination--see paragraph 3 below). In such cases, a grade of 'INC' will be assigned provided that the student has filed a request for extension of time to complete the work of the course and the instructor has consented to such a request (the instructor can enter both the Incomplete grade and the intended date by which it is expected to be completed via Bannerweb). Unless an earlier date is specified by the instructor, grades of 'INC' must be made up as follows: for Semester I, by mid-semester of Semester II; for Semester II, by the first day of the following semester. Extensions beyond these dates for any period of time up to but no more than one year from the end of the semester in which the course left incomplete was taken may be granted by the instructor who will indicate this in writing to the Registrar.

A course not completed by the designated time will be assigned a grade of NC unless the instructor indicates that sufficient work has been completed to justify course credit by submitting, as appropriate, a grade change from INC to A, B, C, or S. A grade of NC assigned in accordance with the procedures may be changed subsequently, but no later than one calendar year after the end of the semester in which the course was taken.

Note: For Undergraduate students, while the faculty rules above that govern the deadlines for which an incomplete must be completed remain intact, it is important to note that for academic standing purposes the deadlines by which to have a positive effect on one’s academic standing are: February 1st for fall courses and July 1st for spring courses. For further information please consult with the Office of the Dean of the College.

If a student is absent from a regularly scheduled final examination for a course, the instructor will assign a grade of ABS. If the absence from the examination is excused by the dean, the student will be permitted to take a special examination. The special examination will be administered by the Registrar in accordance with the provisions in the Faculty Rules and Regulations for such examinations, unless other arrangements are agreed to by the instructor and the student, and communicated to the Registrar. If the absence from the final examination is not excused by the dean, the student will receive no credit for the course.

(Please note: Students who are unable to take a final examination due to religious observance may consult the Registrar's Office about procedures for rescheduling a final exam. These arrangements must be completed by mid-semester.)

A minimum grade of either Satisfactory or C in a 1000 or 2000 level course carries credit toward all advanced degrees. Individual departments may, subject to the approval of the Graduate Council, set higher grade requirements.

Advanced degree candidates may be required to register in courses primarily for undergraduates (numbered 0001-0999); these courses do not carry advanced degree credit. On occasion, however, and with approval of the student's department and the dean, a student may register for such a course with extra work for advanced degree credit. This course then has the same standing as a 1000 level course and an EX (extra work) is noted on the transcript. This provision for extra work does not apply to courses of the level of 0001-0999 taken for graduate credit by students in the Alpert Medical School.

In 1969–70, the grading system of the University was changed so as to provide that a students may choose, for each course, to be graded on the basis of one of two options: A,B,C/No Credit or Satisfactory/No Credit*. Accordingly, at that time, the University discontinued the compilation of grade point averages and class standings. The practice of naming students to a Dean’s List was also eliminated.

*Beginning Semester I, 1974–75, an asterisk following a grade of S denotes that the choice of grade option for that course was not left up to the student but was restricted to S/NC by the instructor.

Any undergraduate student regularly enrolled in a course, no matter whether for A,B,C/No Credit or for Satisfactory/No Credit, may request from the instructor a more detailed written evaluation of the student's work by way of a Course Performance Report (Note: This form is available online for currently enrolled undergraduates via Advising SideKick (ASK)). Course performance reports provide valuable information to students about their success in meeting course learning objectives, especially for courses graded S/NC. The instructor may decline to submit such a form if they feel they have inadequate information to do so. The deadline for requesting a Course Performance Report is the day before the final exam period begins in the semester of enrollment in the course (Refer to Academic Calendar for relevant deadlines). Late Course Performance Reports may be requested after the deadline and before a student graduates, but the instructor is not obligated to complete a late report. Students may not request a Course Performance Report after completing their degree requirements (although they may contact an instructor directly for a letter of recommendation or a reference at any time). Copies of Course Performance Reports are made available to: (1) the student, (2) the dean's office, and (3) the student's concentration advisor. While not part of the official record, Course Performance Reports may be sent out from the University at the student's request as part of an official transcript request as long as the student provides such copies to the Office of the Registrar when making the initial transcript request.