Office of the Registrar


The Brown curriculum offers a robust and diverse set of course offerings.

Course Numbering System

  • 0001-0999: Undergraduate level courses only  (Extra graduate credit may applied for through the Graduate School)
  • 1000-1999: Carries both Undergraduate and Graduate Credit
  • 2000 - 2999: Graduate level courses (Students in The College who enroll in 2000 level courses do apply towards undergradate degree quantity requirements)
  • 3000 or above: Medical level courses (these courses only count towards credit in the Alpert Medical School) 

Choosing Courses

The Brown curriculum offers a robust and diverse set of course offerings from which students can choose. Of course the best way to decide upon courses is to discuss with your assigned academic/concentration advisor. 

Cancelled Courses - Fall 2024 (PDF)

This officially managed application provides a view of what is offered in a given semester or the full academic year.
This application provides a complete inventory of all courses available at Brown as well as their place in the curriculum (i.e. concentration requirements)

Course Categories

Departmental Courses

Departmental courses are offered by academic departments and centers. These courses are indicated by a specific field of study or subject code such as BIOL (Biology) and so on.

University Courses

These courses are not tied to a particular academic department. Rather they originate with individual instructors and are retained in the curriculum only so long as those instructors wish to teach them. These courses are intended to transcend disciplines and are indicated with the subject code of UNIV.  

Departmental Independent Study Projects

Most academic departments offer students opportunities to work independently with one of its faculty members. Students may approach a professor, and request to do a departmental independent study which, if successfully arranged, takes place under the rubric of the sponsoring department’s course code (i.e. ECON 1970 or SOC 1970.)

Non-departmental Independent Study Project

When Departmental ISP's are not available the student may choose to propose an Independent Study Project (INDP) through the College Curriculum Council. Each course proposal must have the approval of a faculty sponsor who shall be responsible for the scrutiny of the proposal, the evaluation of the work done, and the assignment of a grade. The faculty sponsor is not expected to give regular tutorial instruction. For more information, please visit the Curricular Resource Center website.

Group Independent Study Project

Often referred to as a GISP, these are cooperative inquiries in which participating students bear major responsibility for both planning and conduct of the work. They provide an opportunity for academic pursuits which might not be available in regular courses. They carry course credit. Each Group Independent Study is sponsored by an instructor who holds a teaching appointment in Brown University and whose central functions are to assess the proposed study, to provide advice during the work, and to be responsible for the evaluation of each student’s work. A Teaching Assistant or Teaching Associate may sponsor a Group Independent Study if the department chair recommends that he or she be permitted to do so. For more information, please visit the Curricular Resource Center website.

Global Independent Study Project

Brown students studying abroad have the option of crafting a Global Independent Study Project (GLSP) with a Brown faculty member. Students accepted to this program work with faculty who have teaching or research experience in their proposed overseas study destination. Together, the student and the faculty member develop a project proposal that is an integral part of the student’s study abroad curriculum and that, where possible, is connected to the student’s concentration. For more information, please visit the Office of International Programs website.