Office of the Registrar

Undergraduates Pre-Registration for Fall 2024

This notice contains important information that you will need in order to pre-register for the fall 2024 semester.


Pre-registration is mandatory for all students. Prior to pre-registration, students should check Courses@Brown to see if they have financial or other holds that would block them from registering. Pre-registration for the Fall 2024 term will begin on Tuesday, April 16th, at 12 p.m. EDT.  Initial access to the registration system will be staggered as follows based on the semester level for Fall 2024. 

Please be advised that you should log in to C@B at least 5 minutes before the system opens up for your time slot and once you submit registration not refresh your browser and allow the system to process your transactions in the queue:

Seniors (semester levels 07 and above)

  • Tuesday, April 16th, 12 p.m. EDT

Juniors (semester levels 05 and 06)

  • Wednesday, April 17th, 12 p.m. EDT   

Sophomores (semester levels 03 and 04)

  • Thursday, April 18th, 12 p.m. EDT  *Need Advising PIN!


Maximum Number of Credits


During pre-registration, the maximum number of credits that a student may pre-register for is 4 Credits.

Registration Disabled

Registration will be disabled on Tuesday, April 23rd, at 5 p.m. EDT

Independent Study/Research

Please note that students who are engaging in independent study or research credits must register via Courses@Brown along with their other courses.  Please make sure to click the “Include Independent Study and Research Courses” box when doing a search for your faculty and note that requests for overrides should be made directly via Courses@Brown as well unless instructed otherwise in the description or class notes. Students with registration related questions should contact the Registrar's Office at 401-863-2500 or

Registration Restrictions and Instructor Overrides

Courses with restrictions (pre-reqs, program restriction, instructor override required, etc.) will allow enrollment only to students who meet the restriction parameters. Courses with limited enrollment will allow registrations only until that limit has been reached. Students may not register for multiple courses meeting at the same time during pre-registration and instructors cannot override this.

If you wish to register for a course for which instructor permission is required or for which there is a registration restriction, you will not be permitted to do so unless and until the instructor has approved an override. Some instructors have specific means for granting overrides and those should be detailed in the course description or course details in Courses@Brown. If no specific instructions exist, then you need to request an override, you can make the request directly through Courses@Brown when you add the course to your cart. Be aware that an approved override does not itself register you for the course, however, you will be able to register after the override has been approved.

Please Note: The University considers it a violation of its policy concerning the acceptable use of technical resources to create or utilize an automated solution to attempt to register for courses in Banner. The use of such automated tools gives the user an unfair advantage over other students and increases the possibility of system degradation or failure. Students who are found to have used such an application will lose their ability to register online for the rest of the semester in question.

Need Help?

Tutorials for all things C@B

If you have a registration or course related question, contact the Banner Registration Hotline at 401-863-2300 or email For technical questions, contact the CIS Help Desk at 401-863-4357 or email Assistance will be available to students between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Advising PINs

Students (excluding transfer students) currently in their first, second, or third semester will need to obtain an Advising PIN from their advisors in order to pre-register. This PIN will be different from the PIN used for previous terms.

Chemistry Placement Exam

Students who wish to take CHEM 0330 during the Fall 2024 term must successfully complete the Chemistry Placement Exam. If you already have passed CHEM 0100 and/or have a recorded Chemistry AP score of 4/5, you do not need to take the exam and can simply register for CHEM 0330. The placement exam will be available through the end of pre-registration.

Concentration Filing Deadline

No student may pre-register for their fifth semester unless a declaration of concentration has been approved by the concentration advisor in ASK. Remember, simply starting the declaration process in ASK is NOT enough! Transfer students entering in their fifth semester are given an additional semester to declare. Brown/RISD Dual Degree students are allowed two extra semesters to submit their declarations.