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25live FAQs

25Live is Brown University's web-based scheduling interface. The software provides an online space availability calendar, scheduling system, and data repository for events held at the University, yet allows individual schedulers to maintain some of their departmental scheduling policies and practices.

25Live enables any member of the Brown community (with an active user id) to view space availability and to request the use of University space 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer with internet access.


Anyone with an active Brown user id and password can log in to 25Live to check availability of a space and request a reservation.

Login to 25Live

Get Started

Click "Sign In" on the top right or bottom left of the screen after launching 25live. Sign in using your Brown user name and password.

Recommended Browsers

  • Mozillla® Firefox® for Windows® (recommended)
  • Google Chrome™ for Windows (recommended)
  • Apple® Safari® for Windows and for Macintosh
  • Mozilla Firefox for Macintosh

25Live supports the latest version for each of these browsers as well as two major versions back. Minor display variations may occur between browsers. Internet Explorer does not work, in any version.

Request Space

You can either click on the Event Creation and Editing tab or, from the home dashboard, click "I know when (or where) I want to hold my event." Either of those options opens a request form. Alternatively, you could click the Locations tab and find your location. Click the Availability tab. If there is a time slot available, you can click into that time slot to launch a request form.

Request Form

The request form is split into 3 pages with 10 questions, 8 of which are required. Required items are marked by a red asterisk. You can view the progress of your request on the left hand side of the page and click Next or the next arrow at the bottom or top of the request form to proceed.

Available Rooms

Click the Locations tab and search for the space in question, or for a space that fits your event needs. You can search by building name, space features, etc. Once a space has been located, click on the Availability tab to see space availability. If you see an open time slot, click into that time slot and a request form will be started for you.


You will receive email confirmation from the University Scheduling Office. We may not be able to confirm your reservation right away, especially if you are requesting classroom space before the academic schedule has been finalized. However, if you have not heard back from the Scheduling Office and are trying to plan ahead for a large lecture or event, please email, or call us at (401) 863-6217. We also recommend that you print a copy of your reservation details or click More Actions from the details screen and print a pdf report for your record while you await confirmation.

Changes or Cancellations

To make changes to your event, or to cancel your reservation, email the University Scheduling Office at or call during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5PM (401) 863-6217. You can click "edit this event" while your event is in a draft state. This will launch the request form again and allow you to make your edits. However, once your event has been confirmed, you need to contact the Scheduling Office to make a change or cancellation.

Edit an Event

Events can only be edited when they are first submitted as a draft. Once confirmed by the Scheduling Office, events cannot be edited by requesters. To cancel your event or make a change to your event once you have recieved confirmation, email the details of the change or cancellation, along with your event name and reference number to

Outside Group

Space reservations for external organizations need to be coordinated through the office of University Event and Conference Services. You can email them at or call them at (401) 863-3100.


25Live sits on top of a database with over 9 years of data, so searches can, at times, take a while. Our recommendation is to treat the search the way you would a Google search, meaning that you should narrow your search parameters down as much as possible without risking excluding your intended result(s).

The space is not showing up in the locations list

You may be in the request form and choosing a time when the location you are interested in using is not available. If your event date and time are flexible, search the location's availability for an open time slot. Alternatively, you may be searching for a space that is not booked by the University Scheduling Office. You can type the name in the "Location Preferences" field , and we can advise you on how to book the space.

"You do not have access to view events."

Make sure you are logged in. If you are logged in, you may not have the security privileges to see certain events or spaces in 25Live if their access is restricted, for instance. Many events will appear on the space availability grid for a space but their event titles will say "Private" if you do not have the security access to view them. Credit-bearing courses are one example of this.


The Brown Help Desk can assist you with issues with your Brown user id and password. Call them at (401) 863-HELP (4357) or email them at