Office of the Registrar

Course Information

The Office of the Registrar has resources designed to assist faculty with class enrollment, course proposals, course offerings and other essential course-related tasks.


To view registered and unregistered students log in to Canvas and select the "Registration Info" button in the left navigation bar. This will show you officially registered vs. interested but not officially registered students.

Enrollments on a Canvas site may include students who have shown an interest in a course by adding it to their cart in and are not officially registered for the course.

Course Proposal Resources

To submit a proposal for a new undergraduate or graduate level course or to modify a course which already exists in Banner, please use the Brown Curriculum Management tool. You can access it using your Brown credentials at

Find a variety of up-to-date CCC policies, guidelines and reports related to course proposals (new & modified), syllabus creation, enrollment limits, curricular programs criteria, credit hours and graduate student instructors.

Course Offering Resources

Departmental Secondary Cross Listings

Since the Online Course Offering Builder in Banner web does not allow for creation of secondary cross listings, academic department personnel are requested to utilize this form.

Additional Resources

If you have trouble printing the PDF files and still would like hard copy of the documents, feel free to email the Registrar's office. We will be happy to send you copies of any of the documents by campus mail. The scheduling principles are also available as pdf documents that can be sent to you as email attachments.

Banner and Courses@Brown Resources

Independent Credit for the First Half of a Year-long Course

This form is to be used to give a student permission to complete only the first half of a year-long course. Completing this form makes the grade at the end of the first semester of the course, a permanent grade rather than a temporary one.

Independent Credit for the First Half of a Year Course form

Change of Final Grade

Requests Made in Under a Year

Brown University Faculty/Instructors may submit grade changes in Undergraduate or Graduate courses for a previously submitted final grade that is less than one year from the original submission date. A link labeled Change of Final Grade may be found in the Faculty Services Menu of Self-Service Banner. Instructions on how to enter the grade change can be found in the text area on the grade change page.

Requests Beyond a Year

Any request beyond one year will need to be approved by the appropriate body as stated below: 

  • Undergraduates: Instructors may petition the Committee on Academic Standing in ASK

  • Graduate students: Instructors may write to, who will forward the request to the appropriate dean in the Graduate School.